National Academy of Science, Issyk-Kul Biosphere Reserve, Issyk-Kul National Reserve together with Kyrgyz Society for Environment Protection conduct bird counts annually. Bird counts take place every autumn, spring and winter.

On January 19, 2021, the schoolchildren from 5 villages (Kara-Talaa, Kara-Shaar, Tuura-Suu, Ottuk and Shor-Bulak) could participate [CB1] in the annual bird count in the south-west of Issyk-Kul together with a famous scientist and ornithologist Sergei Kulagin and other National Academy scientists. During the bird count, students practiced their skills in counting and identifying birds with the help of binoculars and telescopes. The ornithologists also explained the meaning behind why we count birds, about the international database BirdLife where the collected data will be sent and how to properly record the counting process. Scientists and students discussed the importance of citizen science, where students can also contribute to ornithology through their daily observations and recordings of birds and help the newly established microreserve for bird conservation “Ak-Bulun ECO” located next to their villages.

From the day’s results, the students could count nearly 300 specimens of Mute and Whooper swan, and about 3000 specimens of various ducks.

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Winter Bird Counting in the South-West of Issyk-Kul
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