The two-day trip was organized in late May and early June not to interfere with the studying process. At the beginning, a safety briefing was given to all participants. The first day of the excursion took place in Manzhyly-Ata valley. Participants of 30 children were divided into 3 groups of 10 people. Ornithologist Louis-Philip Campo specially prepared a guide handbook of the birds that live in these places. Each student was given a handbook along with binoculars. During the excursion, the ornithologist explained all the subtleties of bird watching. The process was fun as they had to memorize the distinctive features of the birds and then find the name in a handbook. Thus, at the end, the winner was determined who
could see the largest number of birds.

The second day of the excursion was to the Shatyly panorama in the Boz-Salkyn valley in Ton region. Participants not only watched the birds, but also saw the beautiful nature. They walked more than 6 km on foot. During the excursion, the children continuously filmed what was happening on photos and videos and posted them on Instagram with gratitude for this opportunity.

Birdwatching trips for students