El-Too, based in Bokonbaevo, North-East Kyrgyzstan, has existed as a public foundation since its incarnation in 2001. We have 19 years of experience in running projects in many areas including environment protection, raising ecological awareness and developing ecotourism.

Our goal is the conservation of the environment, providing sustainable use of natural resources through the mobilization of local communities and creating sustainable livelihoods which are resilient to environmental factors such as climate change and the fluctuating economic situation of the region.

Based on our goal, we have chosen the following thematic areas to work:

  • Permaculture initiatives with a focus on women and youth
  • Community initiated microreserves in areas with endangered species of flora and fauna
  • Ecological tourism
  • Energy-efficient technologies
  • Ecological education of youth
  • Research on environmental awareness of local population.
  • Support for community initiatives

We run our projects in close partnership with local authorities, as well as other local and international non-governmental organizations, with the aim of creating a platform for discussion and joint actions on environment protection.

We provide institutional support to local ecological activists and community initiatives. As a result of our efforts, 2 community initiatives have been established that work in wetlands and waterfowl protection.