One of the main goals of permaculture kitchen gardens was to introduce salad herbs that are not popular among locals. We experimented growing spinach, ruccola, salad leaves, parsley, celery and they were well liked by our participants.
Venera, from Toguz-Bulak village at 2200 m, is picking up capsicums from her greenhouse. The villagers grow only potatoes and some cold bearing vegetables.
Another novelty we introduced in the villages is growing vitamin rich types of cabbages: broccoli, cauliflower and chinese cabbage. They grow well in all locations, including the coldest ones. Women were happy to learn about this and wishes to continue growing the next year
Our participant from Bokonbaevo village had an abundant harvest of tomatoes. Following our food security training, she prepared variety types of winter salads
Our permaculture demonstration site in Kara-Talaa village
As an experiment, we planted linen. In all villages, the harvest of linen was good. Our participants hardly knew this plant, so during our training they learnt to prepare variety of meals and medical purposes of the plant
Harvest of pumpkins in Tort-Kul village
Tong village was the driest area among other villages. Thanks to mulching, composting, and drip irrigation, we could as good harvest as in other villages
Medical herbs are indispensable part of permaculture gardens
Our harvest
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